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A - An : Algeria Last Updated: Oct 24th, 2012 - 04:06:42

Algeria - Learning Links
By ClassBrain Staff
May 8, 2008, 23:11

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ALGERIA - A Country Study

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Courtesy of the Library of Congress

Consular Sheet - Algeria
Learn everything you need to know to travel to Algeria
Travel Warning
Source:     Bureau of Consular Affairs

Arab Net
Provides an overview of the country and contains information about the history, government and culture. It has a tourist guide where you can visit museums, cities and find out about customs regulations.  You can also learn about public holidays and currency regulations.
Source:     ArabNet

Algeria's National Office of Statistics
The National Office of Statistics is the Central Institution in Algeria. It is a public establishment with an administrative character in charge of collecting, processing and diffusing socio-economic Statistical information (such as population census, labour survey industrials enterprises survey et)
Source:     Statistics Algeria

People's Democratic Republic of Algeria
This is the official site of the country of Algeria.  This site is in the French or Algerian languages only.
Source:     People's Democratic Republic of Algeria

African Studies Page
You can find other online resources concerning Algeria and its state of affairs here. There is information about the languages spoken and an index for more detailed information.
Source:     African Studies WWW 

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