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Ar - Az : Arctic Ocean Last Updated: Oct 24th, 2012 - 04:06:42

Arctic Ocean - Learning Links
By ClassBrain Staff
May 14, 2008, 23:43

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Map of the Arctic Ocean
This is an awesome full-color map of the Arctic Ocean!
Source:     Woods Hole OceanogY5{ (WHOI)

The Arctic:  The Ocean, Sea Ice, Icebergs, and Climate
The Arctic is mostly ocean surrounded by land.  Find out all about it from E. Linacre and B. Geerts.
Source:     University of Wyoming, Department of Atmospheric Science

Horatio Nelson's Journey To The Arctic Ocean

This historic voyage to the Arctic Ocean took place in 1773.  Find out how the Racehorse and the Carcass did on they journey to the top of the world.
Source:     Jane Buchmann

The Arctic Ocean
Explore the complexities of navigating and exploring the Arctic Ocean. It includes thorough information on weather, survival timelines and more. Click on the items marked with NP in the left column for more information.
Source: Xexplorersweb

The Arctic: Ocean of Ice
Did you know that the Arctic was named after a constellation that the Greeks called Arktos? Learn more interesting facts on this section on the Arctic Ocean.
Source: Marine Science - Jenny Anderson

Arctic Studies Center
This site has excellent information on the Arctic region and the people who live there. This site includes materials designed for teachers and students.
Source: The Smithsonian National Museum of NAtural History

Gallery of Arctic Images
Explore the Arctic Ocean and surrounding region with these wonderful photos and web cams.
Source: NOAA

Welcome to the Arctic Ocean
Read Chapter 3 of the online book, Arctic Marine Regions, and learn more about the Arctic Sea.
Source: CyberNatural Software Group - University of Guelph

Arctic Climatology and Meteorology PRIMER for Newcomers to the North
"NSIDC's Arctic Climatology and Meteorology PRIMER for Newcomers to the North is a collection of interesting and informative meteorology and climate facts with particular emphasis on arctic phenomena. You can learn general information about the Basics of arctic weather, the Factors that determine weather and climate, and some of the weather Patterns in the Arctic. Brief sections also explore the Arctic's role in the global climate system and concerns about climate change."
Source: NSIDC

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