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Ga - Gi : Germany Last Updated: Oct 24th, 2012 - 04:06:42

Germany - Food and Holiday Meals
By Cynthia Kirkeby
Nov 9, 2005, 13:29

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German Food and Holiday Meals

German Cheese
Germany has over 150 varieties of cheese that are divided into six major varieties. Learn about the different classifications and read descriptions of some of the more popular cheeses.

German Food Facts
Learn more about your favorite German foods, with these quick facts.
Source: German Embassy, Washington D.C.

German Language Activities: Food & Drink
Play these games and quizzes to learn more about food in German and the vocabulary used.
Source: Syvum

German Recipe of the Month
Each month the embassy posts a new recipe to entice your taste buds.
Source: German Embassy, Washington D.C.

Holiday Food and Recipes

German Food Celebrations and Holidays
Click on a seasonal photo and learn more about the German holidays during that time of year, as well as the traditional foods that are associated with that time of year.

A Traditional German Holiday Meal
“German cooking is not always easy to describe because there are numerous regional specialties and each of the yearly recurring holidays and celebrations comes with its own locally conditioned tastes and smells. Depending on ethnic tradition and family background, Christmas may come with the smell of baked apples, green branches and red and white candles, and with the sounds of church bells or jingle bells. Weeks before the feast days there may begin elaborate preparations. In the past these have involved a great amount of cooking special meats or fish and baking of breads, fancy cakes, baked apples and special cookies.”
Source: Robert Shea

Germans Have a Cure for the Common Scrooge

“Christmas is a special time of the year for German families and particularly during the Advent period, the season is celebrated with a tempting array of confections, cookies and cakes, many homemade and some purchased.”

Christmas Wouldn’t be Christmas Without your Favorite Cookies!

These favorite recipes are being shared by members of the German Embassy in Washington.
Source: German Embassy, Washington D.C.

An Oktoberfest Classic - All Hail to the Humble Pretzel
The first pretzel was made in 610 A.D. by Bavarian monks. Learn how it has changed through the years.

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