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Ga - Gi : Germany Last Updated: Oct 24th, 2012 - 04:06:42

Germany - Leipzig, Coal Mines to Lake District
By Germany National Tourism Board
May 5, 2009, 10:35

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Photographer: Messerschmidt, Joachim - Nearby Leipzig at Christmas
For more than one hundred years, the area south of Leipzig, one of eastern Germany’s largest cities, had been a center of coal mining industry, employing about 35,000 people. In 1989, 50 million tons of brown coal was still mined in this area of Germany. It was only after the coal mines and factories had been shut down in 1990 that the tourist potential of this region was discovered.

Today, a breathtaking transformation process is taking place in this part of Germany with the re-utilization and flooding of the former coal mines creating Neuseenland or New Sea Land. Besides the cultivation of new woods, 18 lakes with a total area of about 28 square miles are nascent. Lake Markkleeberg, formerly part of the coal mine Espenhain, opened as one of the first in 2006 including European’s latest man-made canoe-slalom-whitewater-construction. When the Leipzig Neuseenland is finished in 2012, it will be one of the most unique water landscapes in Europe.

In the future, the area will offer unique opportunities for both inexperienced and well-versed recreational sportsmen. The Modellbaupark Markkleeberg opened in 2003. Although it was once a well-known area for coal mining, the future Lake Zwenkau will eventually turn into the largest one of Leipzig’s Neuseenl@and. Due to its close proximity to the city of Leipzig, the amusement park Belantis, and motorway A38, it has the chance of becoming one of the most popular greenbelt recreation areas.

Plans include the establish of a sailing center capable of handling up to 120 boats, as well as a campground. There are also plans for a holiday village, including so-called floating homes. A channel connecting the lakes of Cospuden and Zwenkau will be able handle passenger boats, and a cable car will link the city of Zwenkau, the northern waterside of Lake Zwenkau, and BELANTIS. Neuseenl@nd is on track to become a true holiday paradise...

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Germany - Leipzig, Coal Mines to Lake District