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State report help for substitute teacher.
By Cynthia Kirkeby
May 29, 2004, 10:46

I am currently subbing in a 2/3 grade Gate class. The third graders are doing a state report. Because they are GATE I would like to know a format of a state report they could accomplish at they level. I have given them a limited outline consisting of Introduction, Body, and conclusion ( restating the unique resources or advantages of the state) Am I too far off for this age group?
Jenny W.

We have a format for an ABC state report which is fine for kids that age, especially if is for kids in Gate. They chose something for each letter of the alphabet that represents the state.

Here are our requirement sheets for the ABC project: Part 1
Part 2

The kids are supposed to put together a combination of text and pictures for each letter. It can be more pictures and less text, if you think that would be easier for them. If you think this is too long, you can have them pick out ten to fifteen letters and have do their state report from those letters.

Another alternate small project is a presentation board on their state:
It should at the minimum include:
State map
State Capital
State flower
State bird
State Tree and/or state flower
State motto

Then they can add one other interesting fact about their state.

If yore a member of our site, we have some awesome stuff for the kids to work with, including templates for their report pages, state birds that they can color, etc. Also, we have word searches and other puzzles on each of the states. Some very cool resources!
I hope this helps.

Thank you for sending your question to Ask ClassBrain.
Please feel free to contact us again and recommend us to your friends.
Cynthia Kirkeby

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