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War in Iraq
By Cynthia Kirkeby
May 29, 2004, 10:55

Dear Classbrain,

I'm writing a report on the war on iraq for my school and I can't seem to find certain stuff online... like, i'm trying to find out what evidence ties saddam or the iraqie people to what happened to us on Sept. 11 and all i can find it a speculation and rumors and lots of "they might..." or "what if..."

Also, my mom says dads fighting to protect us from Weapons of Mass Destruction but everything online says that after 4 weeks and 250,000 U.S. troops all over the country, we haven't found any weapons like that yet - just pesticides to kill bugs and water-purification plants.

I'm confused, is there a different internet where they have all this info?



Thank you for writing to us. I know that the war information can be confusing. In our Freedom Files section, you can find links to current news groups, both here and overseas. Check under Current News and Iraq.

I've gone ahead and put together a few special links for you on "weapons of mass destruction" being found. We're just at the start of things in Iraq though. It will be a while yet before they manage to uncover all the things that have been hidden. It's like a really hard, and bizarrely twisted Easter Egg hunt...we know it's there, now we need to dig through all the hidden spots to find it.

I hope these help:

Chemical weapons found

BBC- White Powder

Possible chemical weapons Possible chemical weapons- story 1 Possible chemical weapons- story 3

Early weapons found

Before the war

Thank you for sending your question to Ask ClassBrain. Please feel free to contact us again and recommend us to your friends.

Cynthia Kirkeby

Learn more about Iraq with the help of Google

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