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Sexual Assault Against Women
By Cynthia Kirkeby
May 29, 2004, 04:50

Where would I be able to find magazine or newspaper articles about sexual assault against women and mutalation of women?



This is a difficult subject. Researching this topic is always hard, because you learn how horribly some women have been treated. Luckily there are a lot of good people trying to address the situation. I've included a number of online publications to help you find statistics and information on the issue, and below these links, ve included links to newspaper articles on the subject, and directions on how to find more.

Here is an online course on substance abuse and violence against women from the US Department of Health & Human Services

Here are statistics for Canada from METRAC

METRAC has some other helpful information sheets - the free ones are at the top of the page

Kentucky's Governor posted these statistics on the subject.

Rape fact sheet from the CDC (Center for Disease Control).

Stop Violence Against Women has some good information. Of particular interest is the section on Newsletters and Reports, which have statistics on how money is being spent to combat Violence against women in the US.

4women has some excellent fact sheets.

The Department of Justice has an entire office devoted to this issue:

Here are Newspaper articles on the issue: All of these articles are from the past couple of weeks from newspapers around the country.

To search for additional articles go to: and use the search term: sexual assault against women.

Murders, rapes up; all crime still down
Source: Gainesville Sun

Reported Rapes in Maine increase
Source: Maine Today

DNA ties slaying to serial killer
Source: Gainesville Sun

Glassford again behind bars after found guilty of sexual assault
Source: The Sault Star

I hope this helps you on your research project.
Cynthia Kirkeby
Ask ClassBrain

Learn more about sexual assault on women with the help of Google

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