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By Sarah Lane
May 29, 2004, 11:16

Topic: Communication

ClassBrain Visitor:


i have to write a paper on this topic but i don't understand. Please help
the topic is :

Once there was a lnad with no written language. The people had to use
creative means to communicate messages. What kinds of things did they do,
and how
successful were they?

Thanking you in advance.

ClassBrain Response:

The topic for your paper sounds a lot harder than it really is and here's why. I too was stumped when I first read the question but then I started thinking about all of the ways I communicate with people besides writing. Since writing is my full-time job, this was pretty interesting. I'll tell you all the ways I came up with, and maybe you can use them for your paper okay? Here goes:

The first way I thought of was using our five senses: sight, smell, sound, touch, and taste.

- People in the past have used smoke signals to communicate.
- If I see a red light, I know I should stop.
- If I see someone fall down, I know they might be hurt.
I know these things even though no one has told me, because of my sense of sight.

- When I smell smoke it's been communicated to me that there is a fire.
- When I smell cookies in my Mom's house I know she's been baking.
Again, I haven't been told these things, but by using my sense of smell, it has been communicated to me.

- A sound like "shhhh" means be quite and a sound like "mmm" means yummy!
- If I set off the fire alarm, everyone will know there is a fire.
- Another one for sound would be laughing. You would know I'm happy if you heard me laugh, even though I never told you so.
Sounds are an important part of communicating.

- When I pat my friend on the back after a good catch during the baseball game, he knows I think he's done a good job. I don't have to say anything.
- If I give my sister a hug, she knows I love her.

- When I taste something sour like a lemon, you will know right away because my face gets all screwed up. I don't have to tell you that it's sour.

If you enter a room and find people dancing and singing, you will think they are having a celebration of some sort. To figure this out you would use your sense of sight, hearing, and vision. The five senses are a very important part of communication.

Also, people who cannot hear communicate using sign language. Here is a link to
the alphabet in sign language.

People also use something called Morse Code to communicate. This is similar to a written language but it uses symbols. Here is an explanation of
what Morse Code is . . .

Body language is also a way that people communicate. Here are some examples:

- If I shake my head, you know I mean "no".
- If I nod my head, you know I mean "yes".
- If I wave my hand, you know I'm either saying hello or goodbye. This, like sign language, is an example of gesturing.
- If I stomp around the house everyone will think I am mad, even though I never told them I was.

Facial expressions are also a very important way to communicate.
- I used the example of a "sour face" before from eating a lemon.
- Another example would be if I frowned. You would know I am sad without my having to tell you.

Art is another form of communication.
- If you see a painting with a child crying and the Mom looks angry, you know the child has probably done something wrong. It is not written anywhere that this is the case, but the art has communicated this to you.

So in a nut shell, our five senses, sign language, body language (including hand and body gestures), facial expressions, and Art are all ways people communicate without using a written language.

Learn more about communication with the help of Google

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