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50 States
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50 States  

National Parks
By Sarah Lane
May 29, 2004, 13:06


Topic: National Parks

ClassBrain Visitor:

Dear ClassBrain,

I was wondering if you could send me some information on all of the
National Parks in the United States. If it is at all possible, could you
please send me a copious amount of information. I have looked through your
website and it seems like the information you provide, makes us kids much
more sagacious. Well it would be wonderful if you could please send me this
information ASAP.
Thank you.


ClassBrain Response:

We strive to portray kids as sagacious because they really are! I hope the plethora of information I provided for you will help you to learn more about our nation's beautiful National Parks. Please feel free to email us anytime you have a question or require help in finding the best resources on the web!

Here are some links to information on National Parks:

National Park Service - Park Guide
Click on a state for a map of all its National Parks; click on the links below that for even more information.

National Parks of the American Southwest
Here you’ll find a guide to Arizona, Nevada, California, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, and Colorado National Parks and Natural Landscapes.
Click on your state to get a list of recreational areas including National Parks. Then look under the column marked “Managing Partner” for it to say “National Park Service” so you know it’s a National Park.

Explore the Parks
Choose from one of these very cool categories to learn more about National Parks.

U.S. National Parks
Click on the park you’re interested in from this list.

Visit Your Parks
Choose a park from the pull-down menu to learn more.

Learn NPS
Choose from the list on the left.


Sarah Lane
ClassBrain, Inc.

Learn more about national parks with the help of Google

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