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Movie Review Format
By Cynthia Kirkeby
May 29, 2004, 12:35


Topic: Movie Review Format

ClassBrain Visitor:

Hi my name is Ruth and I need some important help on my WrittersCraft
class homework. The homework is that I have to write a good movie Review on the movie The Toa of Steve. How can I hand in a good movie Review?

ClassBrain Response:

Dear Ruth-

Below you’ll find a link to an excellent checklist on the things that are normally included in a Movie review. Depending on your age, you can include all of them or some of them.  If you’re younger,  wouldn’t worry too much about things like what other things the director has done.


Other than the things on the checklist, try to be clear when you discuss the things that you liked or didn’t like in the movie. Was there a particular scene that bothered you for some reason?  Was the movie great, because of the relationship between two of its characters? Try to focus on specifics as well as give an overall rating.

If you like your review when you’re done, please send it to us.  We may even put it up under our reviews in Movies in the Classroom!  :)

I hope this helps.
Cynthia Kirkeby
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