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50 States
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50 States  

States & Capitals
By Sarah Lane
May 29, 2004, 09:44

Topic: States & Capitals

ClassBrain Visitor:

What is a good game to learn my states and capitals?

ClassBrain Response:

Many kids learn their states and capitals simply by making a set of flash cards. If you take a pack of note cards and write the state name on one side and the capital on the other, you can quiz yourself all day long. Just carry them around with you and run through the deck until you have them memorized.

Here are some links to activities to help you out . . .

Matching, Flashcards, Concentration, Word Search

Click and Guess

State Web Games

Although we don’t have an online game for state capitals we have one for world capitals here . . .

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Learn more about states and capitals with the help of Google

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