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Likert Survey
By Cynthia Kirkeby
Jun 29, 2004, 07:02


Topic: Likert Survey

ClassBrain Visitor:

Im currently doing a study regarding soil management which includes proper care of soil and effect of hazards of environment like oil spills in the fertility of the soil. Will you please help me to continue and finish the attached survey questionnaire, I think 30 statements is ok and a little part of open-ended question will do(i think 2 to 5 questions is ok). I am sending the proposal that I created inorder for you to understand what i am saying. Actually i need a likert-type survey questionnaire...Please help me...

ClassBrain Response:

Please understand that we cannot do your work for you. I’ve assembled some resources to help you finalize your project.

This paper shows a clear set of examples of what NOT to do in your survey questions.

This is a question in your survey that is problematic:
The government increases the financial liability on oil spill prevention.
This requires specific knowledge on the part of the participant that they probably don’t have.
Instead, you might want to look at a question such as:
I believe the government’s inaction related to oil spill prevention programs has caused unnecessary financial hardship on the region.

Also, you should check your questions for grammar problems.
Example: The region has a number of good prevention environmental hazards program.
Should be: The region has a number of good environmental hazard prevention programs.

According to The Survey Scoop, the most popular and accurate type of Likert survey has a rating scale of 1-5 or 1-7. So your scale of 1-5 is fine.

A good way to get a handle on how to structure your questions, is to see what people have done in other surveys. Here is a web-based survey tool called Question They have a library of surveys that you can view. If you browse through them you may get some other examples of what other types of questions you can ask.

I would like to suggest that you don’t justify your type on your questions. It makes them very hard to read. They should be flush left within your column.

If you need another 20 likert questions, you’re going to have to sit down and figure out what other points you’re trying to substantiate in your case study. Right now, some of your statements are extremely biased, which is going to skew your results. (see the first reference up above). If you’re going to place questions like that you should also present some of the opposite opinion somewhere in the survey. You might want to try some questions that are a little gentler (sometimes the opposite of the case you’re trying to make) and still get you to where you’re going, such as:

I think the Nigerian government has done enough to address water pollution in the region.
The Nigerian government needs to enforce heavy fines on polluters.
Laws need to be passed which specify the minimum compensation which must be paid to damaged communities.
Heavy fines should be imposed against companies that are negligent in maintaining mining equipment that damages the ecosystem.

Your open ended questions should give the person the ability to add in additional information that is not covered in your questions. A great final question is:
Is there anything that you think should be done regarding this issue that was not addressed in this survey?

I hope this helps you on the rest of your project.

Cynthia Kirkeby
ASK ClassBrain

Learn more about Likert Surveys with the help of Google

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