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Central Valley Spelling Bee
By Cynthia Kirkeby
May 29, 2004, 11:36

Do you Know about the central valley California spelling bee?
Thank you!

ASK spelling bee


The spelling bees in your area are a little complex. Let me take you through it step by step:

1. Apparently there are seven regions that make up the Central Valley school area.
2. Each region sends out information about the spelling bee to the various school districts.
3. If your school district decides that it wants to participate, it sends out information to all of the schools.
4. The schools have to send a letter to the district telling them that they want to enter the spelling bee.
5. Then, the district sends a letter to the regional office saying that they’re going to have a district spelling bee, and the winners will be sent to the regional competition.
6. Two winners are then sent from each district from both the elementary and junior high competitions to compete at the county level.

Whew! In your case the spelling bee that seems to be known as the Central Valley Spelling Bee is the Fresno County competition. However, there are actually seven counties that make up the Central Valley Region and each one holds it’s own spelling bee. These include Mariposa, Fesno, Tulare, Kings, Madera, and Merced.

The Fresno County competition will be held at the county offices at 1111 Van Ness, Fresno, CA 93721 on April 10, 2003. It will start at 9 AM and typically lasts about half of the day. The elementary students have an oral competition and the junior high students have a written competition.

I hope this helps Nicholas. You were right to contact us, this was a complicated one. If you or your friends are competing, all of us at ClassBrain wish you the best of luck!

Learn more about spelling bees with the help of Google

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