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Weather, NY State
By Cynthia Kirkeby
Jul 19, 2004, 09:29


Topic: Weather, NY State

ClassBrain Visitor:

I am a 6th grade spec. ed teacher, and I will be teaching about the average yearly fainfall and temperature for the state of new york. I am looking for a bar graph that depicts how much rain falls in the state per month, and what the temp is per month, both for the average year (or 2003).

ClassBrain Response:

I don’t know of any bar graphs that have been made with the specific information that you need, however, the following site has maps which show the monthly precipitation, and the average high and average low temperature for the US. You can take the information shown on each of the monthly maps for the state of New York, and create your own bar graph. You’ll have to choose either the high or low temperature, or add the third element into your graph.

Click on the Analysis category that you want to view (top left).

Then click on the month/year that you want.

The legends are in the lower left corner of each map.

I hope this helps,

Cynthia Kirkeby
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Learn more about weather in New York with the help of Google

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