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Read These Rules First  

Basics of ASK ClassBrain
By ClassBrain Staff
Sep 2, 2005, 19:22

At we strive to provide students, teachers, and parents with access to the best possible resources on the world wide web. We have received thousands of questions and have enjoyed helping out kids, parents, and even some overseas visitors in locating resources and information about a wide variety of topics.

Remember that while we do our best to point students in the right direction, we will not simply answer questions straight out of a textbook. We must stress the need for students to pay attention in class to their lectures, use their study notes, and read the assigned chapters in the textbooks before asking someone else to provide the answers. If students are still having trouble finding answers even after using these resources, then of course we encourage you to send us your questions. We will be more than happy to locate resources that will help you out.

Do not send us large sets of questions, we do NOT do your homework assignments for you. Also, do NOT send us a series of questions that comprise your homework assignment. This doesn't fool us. You have to do your own homework, we'll help you find the resources, but we won't do the work for you. We'll also show you how to do something if you're stuck. We're happy to help, but please do not abuse the system.

Thanks to everyone who’s written to us and we appreciate all of your cool thank-you notes! They really make our days great!
Staff of ClassBrain

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Read These Rules First
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