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Oklahoma Hawks
By Cynthia Kirkeby
Sep 11, 2006, 13:59

I have a question for extra credit at my school and I was wondering can you help me with it? The question is "How many hawks live in Oklahoma? "

Can you please help me with it and i need help before Friday because it is due Friday. Please answer back soon. Thank you for you're help!


This was an interesting question. I would normally point you towards resources, so that you can figure out the answer, but I had to call the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation for help with the answer. Good luck on your extra credit. :) Here’s what I found out:
  • There are 8 species of hawks (including falcons) which live in Oklahoma year-round, 3 species of hawk that are only there in the winter, and 2 species that are only there in the summer. This means there are a total of 13 species of hawk that can be found in Oklahoma throughout the year.
  • The most common hawk is the Red-tailed Hawk. There are approximately 50,000 of them in Oklahoma in the winter (5x what there is in the summer).
  • The rarest hawk is the Ferruginous Hawk. There are only about 40 of them in the state.
  • All together, there are tens of thousands of hawks in the state of Oklahoma.
Information courtesy of Mark Howery, Natural Resources Biologist – Wildlife Diversity Program, Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation.

Cynthia Kirkeby
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