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Maia in Greek Mythology
By Sarah LaneGreek Mythology, Maia, seven sisters, Zeus
May 29, 2004, 12:01


Topic: Greek Mythology

ClassBrain Visitor:

Who are Maia’s ( in greek mythology ) enemies? and how do they protect themselves?

ClassBrain Response:

In Greek Mythology, Maia was one of The Pleiades. The Pleiades were seven beautiful mountain nymphe daughters of Atlas that had violet colored hair. All but one were loved by gods and they became the ancestresses of many of the royal families of Greece. Maia was the oldest of these seven daughters and the most beautiful. She was a shy goddess who lived alone in a cave on Mount Kyllene. There she secretly met with Zeus and eventually bore him the god Hermes. One time while she was traveling with her mother Pleione and her six sisters through Boeotia, the group was attacked by Orion. They managed to escape but Orion wouldn’t leave them alone. Zeus took pity on the girls and sent them to the heavens. Maia was placed amongst the stars with her sisters as the constellation Pleiades, and out of Orion’s reach. They can be found in Taurus’ tail.

If you need more information on Maia or Greek Mythology in General, check out these sites:

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Learn more about Maia with the help of Google

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