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Health & the Human Body


By Sarah Lane
May 27, 2004, 15:29


Topic: Biology

ClassBrain Visitor:

Tomorrow I have a test over a bunch of stuff i dont know about. First I need to know in full detail what happens to your food after you eat it. I know that it mixes with saliva and it travels to your esophagus but I have no idea how villi and capillaries have to do with the whole thing. I also need to know how the energy from the sun can somehow turn into the energy that you eat. I also need to know all about cellular respiration and what it does. I have a test tomorrow so a quick reply would be good.

ClassBrain Response:

Sometimes when we are faced with complicated subjects our first response is to run the other direction. Each person learns differently than the next and it may be harder for some people to learn from lectures.

The type of questions you are asking for answers to, are not simply two or three sentence answers. They require you to have studied your lecture notes, and the accompanying chapters from your textbook before the test date. But, taking my previous point into consideration, I will point you in the right direction for figuring out these answers with the help of some online student resources for the subjects you are studying. Since you are short on time, perhaps these will help you out.

Your first question was about what happens to food after you eat it including the role that villi and capillaries play.

For a general overview, study notes, practice quizzes, and more on the topic of digestion, go here.

Check out the third choice on the list, Digestion Overview. It shows you how the three major food types are digested. Scroll down this list for tons of simple explanations of the digestive system.

For a very cool visual demonstration of the digestion of carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, or nucleic acid, go here.

For answers to your question about how the energy from the sun can somehow turn into the energy that you eat, I suggest this section on photosynthesis.

To answer your question about cellular respiration, go here.

These resources are from and are written by professors from all over the United States. For a complete list of the resources they offer, check out our article.

Hope this helps you out and good luck with your test!

Learn more about test preparation with the help of Google

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