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Essay Conclusion
By Sarah Lane
May 29, 2004, 09:35

Topic: Essay Conclusion

ClassBrain Visitor:

What conclusion can I do for an essay about child endangerment?

ClassBrain Response:

We hope the following information will help you out.

Well, if you've written the rest of the essay already, the conclusion will be easy! Generally the conclusion is where you tie together all the main points of your essay. Ask yourself to what conclusion did all of your main points lead? This is also the section of your essay where you will want to restate your thesis. The thesis should have been presented in your introduction. The conclusion will tell the reader if you stayed focused on your topic and supported it with evidence.

If your topic is 'child endangerment' you will want to review your essay, find the main points, and follow the suggestions above.

If you need additional help with the format of a five paragraph essay, go here.

Good Luck!

ClassBrain, Inc.

Learn more about child endangerment with the help of Google

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