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Health & the Human Body

Health & the Human Body  

Sex or Abuse?
By Melissa Papke
May 28, 2004, 12:41


ClassBrain Visitor:

What is the difference between sex and abuse?

ClassBrain Response:

The answer to your question might be answered in a million different ways,
depending upon whom you ask.

A lawyer might define sex as: a sexual act, not limited to intercourse,
between two CONSENTING adults who are BOTH over the age of 18.

Sexual abuse is any unwanted act that is seen as sexual by the receiver, and the receiver can be male or female. If a child or young adult (under the age of 18) were involved, ANY sexual act, regardless of whether or not it was wanted or
unwanted, would be considered abuse.

Consensual sex can only happen legally between two adults. Any kind of sex
or sexual act performed with a minor child under the age of 18 is illegal
and considered abuse.

If you feel that you have been sexually abused, regardless of your age, you
should contact someone right away and get help. You can get help from
parent, a teacher, a counselor, a trusted adult, or anyone in an official
position, such as a police officer.

For information and national toll-free telephone numbers on who to contact
about sexual abuse, be sure to visit the links below:

The Aware Foundation

ChildHelp USA

Stop It Now!

Learn more about sexual abuse with the help of Google

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Health & the Human Body
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