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Horse Racing
By Sarah Lane
May 28, 2004, 13:31


Topic: Horse Racing

ClassBrain Visitor:

how come horses are breed in Lexington Kentucky but they race in Louisville Kentucky? your friend, alex

ClassBrain Response:

What a good question Alex! With the 129th Kentucky Derby set for May 3, 2003, it's no wonder you are asking about horses!

Here is a link to the Kentucky Derby site. Click on the first timeline "1874-1899" for information about why horses race in Kentucky. This will explain why it started, how it started, and all about the races. Click on the other yearly timelines to find out how the history of the races continued for over 100 years!

Derby Timeline/History

The types of horses that are raced in Kentucky are called "thoroughbred" horses. Thoroughbred horses are any horses of an English breed of light speedy horses kept chiefly for racing. They originated from crosses between English mares of uncertain ancestry and Arabian stallions. Horses can be bred all over the world! As far as why they are bred in Lexington, Kentucky, here is a link to a site that explores the history of the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington where horses have been bred for over 200 years!

Lexington, Kentucky Horse Park

Hope this helps!

Learn more about race horses with the help of Google

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