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Author's Writing Style
By Sarah Lane
May 29, 2004, 15:32


Topic: Writing

ClassBrain Visitor:

My son who is in 5th grade, has an essay to do. One of the paragraphs must include a discussion of the author's writing style and a discussion on the acessibility of the author's writing style. What exactly does this mean ? Please explain you answer in terms that a student in 5th grade can understand. thankyou.

ClassBrain Response:

When writing a paragraph about the author’s writing style and “accessibility”, these are the questions your son should answer:

1) Is the author’s writing clear enough for you to understand the point of the story, paper, book, etc.?

2) Are the topics he/she writes about clear?

3) Is the writer using a 1st person (“I”), 2nd person (“you”), or 3rd person (“they”) writing style? Is this easy or hard to read?

4) Is the author’s writing overall easy to read? Is it easy to understand? Is is straight forward or complicated?

It’s also a good idea to give examples to support your answers.

The term “accessibility” in this case means, can you start reading this book and get into it quickly, or does it take a lot of concentration to understand the story?

Hope this helps!


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