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Virginia's Natural Resources
By Sarah Lane
May 29, 2004, 11:15

Topic: Natural Resources of Virginia

ClassBrain Visitor:

What are the natural resources of Virginia?

ClassBrain Response:

Thanks for stopping by! We have received your question about natural resources for the state of Virginia. We hope the following information will be helpful.

By far the best guide to natural resources is Virginia’s Natural Resources Educational Guide. Click on topics such as agriculture, wildlife, water, forests, and minerals for statistics and maps of natural resources:

Virginia Naturally

The following link will also help you out, as it has a student resource section. Scroll down and click on one of the topics for more information about conserving Virginia’s natural resources:

Department of Conservation and Recreation

These next two sites will take you directly to facts on forests and rivers:

Virginia Forest Facts

Virginia Rivers

Also, at we have put together a section on the 50 states. Be sure to stop by here for information on the state of Virginia including Famous People, History, Statistics, Fast Facts, Maps, and links to Official State sites. Virginia State Resources

Have fun!

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