Medieval Artifacts
By Cynthia Kirkeby
May 29, 2004, 12:20

I need two medieval artifacts that we use to this day. I have been on the internet for hours trying to help my niece, in which we have found nothing. Please i need help.

Thank you.

Dear Robin-

Your question was referred to us from VRD Aska

Here is a list of tools that were used in the Medieval period (according to I've marked the ones that are still in common usage in bold.

Auger - drilling holes in wood
Axe - felling small trees or cutting firewood
Adaze - cutting slivers from the surface of the wood
Basket - holding stone while it was hoisted at a building site
Billhook - pruning
Cloth Shears - cutting cloth
Crowbar - for manhandling the heavy stones at a quarry and placing stones in their final resting places
Dividers - for measuring
Hammer - to butt stone and drive wooden pegs
Handsaw - to make small wood cuts and more delicate woodworking
Hold On (Tongs) - holding metal as it is being hammered
Mallet - used in conjunction with a chisel to carve wood or stone; the mason or carpenter would strike the chisel with the mallet.
Mason Chisel - used by the masons, along with the mallet, to carve decorative designs into the stones, and for cutting and dressing stone
Nippers - cutting through wire
Pitch Fork - thrusting into sheaves, bundles of hay, so that they could be pitched into a cart
Sharp Blade - cutting through leather
Shearing Shears - cutting fleece from sheep
Sickle - cutting crops
Snip - cutting sheets of metal
Trowel - laying and smoothing mixed mortar on stone or brick

Wood Chisel - shaping and cutting designs into the wood, or splitting wood

Additionally, Spartacus lists the axe and the spade as medieval farm tools, which are both in use in the same form today. They have a picture from old manuscripts of both tools being used. These havet changed at all. :)

I hope this helps. If you need additional items, just let me know.
Cynthia Kirkeby
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