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ClassBrain Visitor Question 1:

Does the "Sun" have any other name besides the sun?

The only other names given to the Sun are translations of the word "Sun" into other languages like "Sol" in Spanish for example. But . . . the Sun is a star and stars are categorized into many different classes based on their temperature and their size. Temperature wise, classes range from O, B, A, F, G, K, to M, with O stars being the hottest and M stars being the coolest. From then each of those groups are subdivided into 10 classes for example B0, B1, B2, and so on. The Sun's classification is G2. Also, based on size and luminosity, stars are classified into Types such as I, I, II, III, IV, and V. Type I stars are supergiant stars, Type II are giants stars, but when you get down to Type V stars, they are called main-sequence stars. These are simply normal stars that fuse hydrogen in their cores. The Sun falls into the Type V category. So finally, if you were to call the Sun by any other name, it would be that of a G2V star. Whew!

Astronomy Department at Cornell University

P.S. The usage of the words Sun, Moon, and Earth have all been approved by the body in charge of naming such objects, which is the International Astronomy Union. Here's a link to their site.

ClassBrain Visitor Question 2:

What will happen at the end of the sun's life span?

Scientists estimate that the Sun has been around for about 4.6 billion years and has enough fuel to go on for about 5 billion more. At the end of its life the sun will start to fuse helium into heavier elements and begin to swell up. Then it will grow so large that it will swallow up the Earth! The Sun will go from being a red giant (a star that has a low surface temperature and a diameter that is large relative to the Sun), to a white dwarf, (a whitish star of high surface temperature and low brightness) the final product. After that it may take a trillion years to cool off!

Source: NASA

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