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California Agriculture
By Sarah Lane
Oct 17, 2006, 09:25

Topic: California Agriculture

ClassBrain Visitor:

I am doing a Ag. Sci. 2 project and I need some information. I don‚t know if you would be able to help me, but what I need is a list of all the counties in California, and that counties top Agriculture product that they produce. If you can be any help to me, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.

ClassBrain Response:

We will always do our very best to help you find the information you need. I really hope you can open PDF's because I found exactly what you are looking for!! There are 58 counties in California. The only county that does not generate agricultural production is Alpine County. The other 57 counties and their top agricultural products can be found in list form right here (just click on the PDF):

Top California Agricultural Products By County
PDF - Requires Adobe Acrobat

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