Corporal Punishment
By Cynthia Kirkeby
May 29, 2004, 10:57

Topic: Corporal Punishment

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Why harsh forms of punishment are bad examples of classroom dicipline?

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The idea of corporal punishment (i.e. swats, paddling, and other forms of
hitting) was still in regular use in the 1970’s. It was during that time
that I was in high school, and I regularly saw kids hit with a switch or a
paddle. Rules began to change about that time, however. Districts put into
effect rules that stated you had to have a parent's consent before hitting a
child for disciplinary reasons.

This is a great article about the state of discipline in 1975 (my senior

Since then most school districts have ruled that corporal punishment is not
allowed, although there do seem to be exceptions to this day. Even where it
is outlawed, some instructors still seem to think it's okay, and they've
used it in defiance of the law:

This article about a coach who was recently suspended for paddling some of
the team, specifies that
"Corporal punishment is outlawed by Raytown school
district policy."

I recommend that you take a look through this site on
corporal punishment.

It is a very thorough collection of what has and "is" happening in the
United States and abroad related to this issue.

There are so many other techniques to use to discipline students and
children that are not physically punishing, I've never understood why people
resort to hitting kids. These include: time-outs (including suspensions,
and expulsions from school), mandatory community service (my favorite),
mandatory extra assignments related to the issue, conferences with
parents, etc.

Here is an article outlining
the idea behind appropriate punishment of very
young children.

You'll see how logical it is, and how it teaches something other than "you're
going to get a spanking."

Another excellent article that is right on point related to your questions
Arguments Against Corporal Punishment.

Cynthia Kirkeby

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