Months and Seasons
By Sarah Lane
May 28, 2004, 11:23


Topic: Months and Seasons

ClassBrain Visitor:

Which months of the year come under each season of the year?

ClassBrain Response:

The season of Winter begins on December 21st (The Winter Solstice) and ends on March 20th (The Vernal Equinox). This means that part of December, all of January and February, and part of March is the Winter season.

The season of Spring begins on March 20th (The Vernal Equinox) and ends on June 21st (The Summer Solstice). This means that part of March, all of April and May, and part of June is the Spring season.

The season of Summer begins on June 21st (The Summer Solstice) and ends on September 23rd (The Autumnal Equinox). This means that part of June, all of July and August, and part of September is the Summer season.

The season of Autumn begins on September 23rd (The Autumnal Equinox) and ends on December 21st (The Winter Solstice). This means that part of September, all of October and November, and part of December is the Autumn season.

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