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Massachusetts Projects
By Sarah Lane
May 29, 2004, 12:49


Topic: Massachusetts Projects

ClassBrain Visitors:

Can you recommend a couple of projects for my state report of Massachusetts?  Thanks!  Rylee

ClassBrain Response:

There is a really cool place in Massachusetts called “Old Sturbridge Village.” It’s a town dedicated to preserving the 19th century community. It looks and runs exactly like it did a hundred years ago! It’s a living museum!

So . . . . go here . . . and click on “General Information”. Then click on “Tour the Village.” You could create a map of the village highlighting your favorite parts and explaining how things were done back then. For more in-depth projects, click on “Education”, then “Teachers”, then “Activities.”

Also, as part of the special “On The American Trail” presentation the “Freedom Trail” goes right through Boston, Massachusetts. Click on #6 on this map for more information.

Here is a map of the trail. You could re-create the map and add images of the different important locations along the trail.

Lastly, Massachusetts has a state muffin, dessert, and cookie. You can never go wrong with making those!

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