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California Statistics/Maps
By Cynthia Kirkeby
Jul 19, 2004, 09:47


Topic: California Statistics/Maps

ClassBrain Visitor:

We have been searching the internet for the past 5 hours for a map of california, which would show the major cities, population, fruits/vegetables/crops, cattle/sheep main points of highlight for california. We are at our wits end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please find a solution for our problem so that we may end our journey and finally we may rest for the night,

4th grade parents

ClassBrain Response:

Dear 4th grade parents-

There isn’t a map available like the one you mention. The idea is usually for the kids to create one. Many times the fruits/vegetables and crops are in their social studies book.

Here is a good printable California Map from National Geographic.

We also have a number of other maps available here.

Population statistics are available on our quick facts page (check the US census for the population – the last link on the page). For population, if you print a county a county map of California then you can put the population for each county, and then use the National Geographic map for the major cities.

We just put up a new page that shows farmland and forests.

However, prompted by your email. I spent quite a bit of time today looking for the crops and livestock information again. This time I finally found some government maps that will help you.



Simply look down the list for a map that has the sort of thing that you’re looking for- such as Milk Cows – inventory 2002, click on the map and you’ll see the distribution of the farms that carry beef cows. You can then mark your map counties with a cow in the heavily dotted areas.

These are always difficult projects that take a lot of work. Often, there are maps in their school books that show some of this information, especially the crops.

Hopefully this will make the project easier.

Cynthia Kirkeby
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