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Oklahoma Natural Resources
By Sarah Lane
May 29, 2004, 11:40

Topic: Oklahoma Natural Resources

ClassBrain Visitor:

What are the natural resources of Oklahoma?  Or where would I find them? Thanks, Billy

ClassBrain Response:

Hi Billy! Thanks for stopping by We hope the following information will be helpful.

Oklahoma is the third largest gas-producing state in the nation. It also ranks fourth in the nation in the production of all wheat. It ranks fourth in cattle and calf production, fifth in production of pecans, sixth in peanuts, and eighth in the production of peaches.

This is a fun site where you can explore the Oklahoma Energy Resources Board.

Here’s a link to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service.

This Student Guide will give you a good look at Oklahoma.

Scroll down this list until you reach Learning Resources to find more facts.

Also, at we have put together a State Report Section on the 50 states. Be sure to stop by here for information on the state of Oklahoma including Famous People, History, Maps, and links to Official State sites.

ClassBrain Oklahoma State Resources

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