Air Molecules
By Sarah Lane
May 27, 2004, 12:44


Topic: Science Project

ClassBrain Visitor:

I was wondering, can you help me with my project? My project is about how air molecules are affected by hot temperatures. My teacher wants me to talk about hot thermals, where to find hot thermals, what are air molecules, and how they are affected by hot temperatures. If you can help me that would be great!

ClassBrain Response:

Your asked what air molecules are and how they are affected by hot temperatures.

Air is made up of tiny, invisible particles called molecules. If you heat these tiny molecules, they start to move. Heating the air causes the molecules to move faster and to spread farther apart. The more you heat them, the faster they move. If you cool them, they slow down. Cold air molecules slow down and move closer together.

A good place to learn more about this is NASA. Scroll down the page and select ‘Air Pressure.’

Also, for information on your questions about thermals and updrafts try Journey North. This page has cool experiments you can try that demonstrate and explain thermals and updrafts.

Hope this helps!

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