Science Experiments
By Sarah Lane
May 27, 2004, 12:49


Topic: Scientist for a Week

ClassBrain Visitor:

I am in kindergarten and was chosen to be scientist of the week.  Can you help me come up with an experiment I can perform for my classmates with my Mom's help?  Thank you

ClassBrain Response:

Hi and thanks for stopping by! We hope the following information will help you come up with a cool science experiment.

We suggest trying one of the many Science Snacks from Exploratorium. Each experiment comes with its own picture, list of materials needed, and directions.

If none of those suggestions work for you, Ms. Lee’s Kindergarten Experiments with Science will give you step-by-step directions for doing experiments in the classroom. There are five different options including Understanding Volume, Moving Molecules and Diffusion, Mixing Primary Colors, Testing the Strength of an Ordinary Egg, and Investigating a Burning Candle.

Good luck and have fun!

Learn more about science experiments with the help of Google

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