Distance Between Two Cities
By Sarah Lane
May 28, 2004, 13:23


Topic: Distance

ClassBrain Visitor:

If you traveled from Amarillo, Texas to El Paso, Texas what direction would you be going in?

ClassBrain Response:

Well, to find out the answer to this question you must first locate a map of Texas. In the
ClassBrain State Report section we have all kinds of information about the state of Texas including some really cool maps.

Go to the Texas section and click on where it says
Maps of Texas.

The best map to use to find the answer to your question is the Texas State Map.

You can locate both cities in bold print.

Amarillo, Texas is at the top of the state, and if you were to travel to El Paso, Texas on the left side of the state, you would be going in a south-west direction.


Learn more about the distance between cities with the help of Google

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