By The Right Brain
May 27, 2004, 15:34

ClassBrain Visitor: I was hoping you can help me with something. I wanted to know if you have any pictures of an air molecule. If you do, please notify me.

ClassBrain Response:
Air is made up of several different things. The atmosphere is primarily composed of Nitrogen (N 2, 78%), Oxygen (O 2, 21%), and Argon (Ar, 1%). A myriad of other very influential components are also present which include the water (H 2O, 0 - 7%), "greenhouse" gases or Ozone (O , 0 - 0.01%), Carbon Dioxide (CO 2, 0.01-0.1%).

Here is a link to an image of nitrogen: Nitrogen

Here is a link to an image of oxygen: Oxygen

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