By Melissa Gruber
May 28, 2004, 13:55

Topic: How can this site help me?

ClassBrain Visitor:

I am a teacher of 4th grade.  I was trying to find new activities and lessons to help me teach during these last few days of school to keep my students learning and also involved.  It is difficult to get them to focus on learning when they know they will be out of school in less than 7 days.

I was using this site for state reports and loved your black line masters. I thought I could use other materials too.  I am having difficulty finding those links.

Jane Moore

ClassBrain Response:


First of all, thank you for using ClassBrain!  The last days of school can be challenging and exciting at the same time!  Try our “Monthly Grab Bag” for ideas on June activities.  For instance, did you know that June is Black Music Month?  Also June 14 is Flag Day; there are a lot of great lessons that can be taught based around Old Glory, including proper flag etiquette.

Another section that you might want to explore is our “Movies in the Classroom” section.  Here we have taken some recent popular movies and built lesson plans around them for you!  We have the movie ratings noted as well so that you can easily determine the appropriateness for your class.  

In our “Freedom Files” section, we have worksheets and lesson plans that are centered around patriotism.  This could be tied into Flag Day or the upcoming 4th of July holiday.

Although much of our site is free and open to the public, there are features that are locked out for “CB Members” in each section.  We are currently offering a special discount to select teachers and schools across the county for our membership.  If you would like me to express mail you a small supply of coupons, please let me know.  The coupons can be used for teachers, parents, and students to save over $10.00 on an annual membership!

I hope this information helps you ease out of school and into summer!  If you need any other help, just Ask ClassBrain!  :)

Melissa G.
The Mind's Eye

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