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Last Updated: Sep 20th, 2010 - 16:50:15


ClassBrain Implements First-Class Technology on a Shoestring
By Lili Ungar, Cynthia Kirkeby
Mar 26, 2003, 14:45

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CB Tech on a shoestring

May 12, 2003

Contact: Cynthia Kirkeby
Telephone: 714-399-1133
Cell phone: 714-337-0633


Each year large corporations spend millions of dollars on content management systems to handle their online articles and media. They use systems such as Vignette and Documentum, but with basic installations topping a quarter of a million dollars, these systems are out of the reach of young companies. Lacking the expertise to create a high level programming system for content, small to midsized companies have been left with static websites that become rapidly out of date. How did ClassBrain create a website capable of handling content covering thousands of pages?

After searching the Internet high and low for a solution, ClassBrain found a small company called InteractiveTools that made a product that could handle many of the features we were looking for. It was still in its early phase, and not capable of being implemented, but the company was open to suggestions. After sending a wish list of features, ClassBrain was thrilled to see them release a new product that handled most of the needed components. With the ingenuity of Daniel Gruber, ClassBrain’s lead designer, this base program was taken far beyond its original scope. Modules were added as the site grew to handle each new area. This has allowed ClassBrain to handle costs as they’ve grown.

A program by Build A Community was added in 2002 to provide community services, such as email, forums, and galleries. The integration of the content management system and the membership system required custom programming. With the help of the programmers at Perl USA, ClassBrain was able to segregate content into member and non-member material.

One of the major benefits of the components that ClassBrain has used is the ability to post content and manage membership through web interfaces. The writers, designers, and administrators are not restricted by computer type or location. ClassBrain also has a version of their content management system for schools that can be implemented for a modest cost. It allows teachers, administrators, and even students, to post information on their school website from school or home.

Administration and augmentation of the site can take place from any computer that has access to the Internet. ClassBrain has been able to assemble a robust content management and membership system for a fraction of the cost of standard systems with the ingenuity of their in-house staff and the help of some great software houses.


If you’d like more information about this topic, or to schedule and interview with Cynthia Kirkeby, please call ClassBrain at 714-399-1133 or Email Cynthia Kirkeby at

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