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Brainwaves Newsletter  

Brainwaves - March 20, 2003
By ClassBrain Staff
Mar 20, 2003, 10:37

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ClassBrain, Inc. BRAINWAVES
Educational Resources (March 20, 2003)


~ Brainwaves is the official newsletter of dedicated to bringing you the most
current educational resources available on the web... all
in one place! With several thousand pages organized in
an easy-to-follow format, everything you're looking for
is right here! ~


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* 75th Annual Academy Awards
* Movies in the Classroom
* Here's Your Meal Ticket!
* Not a ClassBrain Member?

75th Annual Academy Awards
What year was the first awards banquet held? Exactly
how many statuettes have been presented since then?
How tall is Oscar and what is he made out of anyway?

Answer these questions and find out more in
ClassBrain's article, "A Brief History of the Oscar." Take
our Oscar Quiz to see how well you know your history,
or read about the 75th Annual Academy Awards. Follow
the links to a list of this year's nominees and more
Oscar fun!

Academy Awards...

Movies in the Classroom
ClassBrain's Movies in the Classroom is a
collection of lesson plans for today's current films
complete with outlines, worksheets, projects, suggested
book lists, and Internet resources. If you have a
particular movie in mind, search by subject and studio
or pick one at random!

We've just posted our Gangs of New York
Lesson Plan for High School students with plenty of
options so you can taylor it to meet the needs of your
students. The Gangs of New York "Linguistics
Lesson Plan" centers on street slang from 1859 with the
help of a book called The Secret Language of
Crime: The Rogue's Lexicon
. The "Gang Warfare
Then & Now Lesson Plan" requires students to write a
compare and contrast essay dealing with historical and
present day gangs.

A recent addition to our English section, the "Plot
Structure Lesson Plan" delves deeper into the movies
Adaptation and The Hours focusing on
multiple time periods and story lines. The "How
Literature Effects Our Lives Lesson Plan" has two options
and examines three women's lives in The Hours.
For the younger folk we've posted an "Endangered
Species Lesson Plan" with a bunch of worksheets and
projects based on The Wild Thornberry's movie,
and for fans of My Big Fat Greek Wedding we
have a Sociology lesson plan. Don't forget to look for
our Spider Man and The Lord of the Rings:
Two Towers
lesson plans as well!

Start the fun...

Here's Your Meal Ticket!
We've discovered a way to pay only $12.50 for a $25
gift certificate for today's hottest restaurants. Print
out these cool certificates for instant savings on that
special lunch or dinner date!

Click here for your meal deal...

Not a ClassBrain Member?
Want to know how to get a year of educational
resources for less than the price of family night at the
movies? Although much of our site is open to the
public, only members get full access to all of our great
resources, games, and special features. Sign up today
to enjoy all of the benefits!

Learn more...

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