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Brainwaves Newsletter  

Brainwaves June 2003
By ClassBrain Staff
Jun 8, 2003, 10:32

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ClassBrain, Inc. BRAINWAVES
Educational Resources (June 2003)


~ Brainwaves is the official newsletter of dedicated to bringing you the most
current educational resources available on the web . . .
all in one place! With several thousand pages organized
in an easy-to-follow format, everything you're looking
for is right here! ~

Be sure to catch us on TechLink all
month long on the Aldelphia channel!

* Freedom Files
* Movies in the Classroom
* What Day Is It?
* CB Teens
* Fun & Games

Freedom Files

How patriotic are you feeling today?
Revitalize yourself, just in time for Flag Day and the
Fourth of July, by marching to the beat of the American
drum in our Freedom Files section. In response to the
events of September 11, 2001, the staff at ClassBrain
decided we needed to create a special place for our
treasured visitors to exercise their right to learn more
about America. My how it's grown!

Not only are there up-to-the-minute
news resources for all ages, but we've created a
dynamic set of materials designed to bring you closer to
home. Explore 'Historical Documents Everyone Should
Know' (even we needed a refresher course on this
one), and Lesson Plans to help kids from K-12
understand the workings of the White House, American
Military History, and Terrorism & Tolerance.

If that doesn't get your freedom
juices flowing, then our printables probably will! Print
out your very own American Flag or a copy of our Visual
Pledge of Allegiance, a proven teacher's favorite! So
make a pledge to yourself to learn a little bit about this
democratic country in which you live, so you can
impress your friends with your patriotic prowess!

I want to remember why I love my country!

Movies in the Classroom

Want to know how to keep your restless and
rambunctious students from taking a mental vacation
before school's out? We have the answer in our
Movies in the Classroom section! Almost everyone has
seen Finding Nemo ($70 million was spent
opening weekend to peek under the aqua blanket covering
70% of earth). But have you seen our lesson plans?
Learn about coral reefs in danger, the types of creatures
that compose the cast, and print out some cool
worksheets and coloring pages to explore ocean life.

If that doesn't tickle your fins, then swim through our
other lesson plans such as A Beautiful Mind,
Chicken Run, The Core, Time Machine, Harry Potter,
Pirates of the Caribbean, and more! Each
lesson plan has the movie ratings noted so that you can
easily determine the appropriateness for your class.

It's okay to have a little fun before summer's begun!

Click here for a little fun...

email address:

What Day Is It?

That's the most common question among students and
those lucky enough to have a summer vacation!
Now you can remember what day it is, or better yet,
what holiday it is, with ClassBrain's Monthly Grab Bag.
Not only is Father's Day around the corner, but Flag Day
as well. Brush up on your flag etiquette, laugh out loud
with ClassBrain's Father's Day Funnies, and find out why
June is celebrated as Black Music Month. There's plenty
of bang in our 4th of July section, and you can trace
your family history using our worksheets for Roots &
Branches Month. So who cares what day it is, as long
as you're having fun!

Today is Summer!

CB Teens

Is there a new "Berlin Wall?" What's worse for the
Canadian economy, SARS or Mad Cow Disease? Where
do you stand on the issue of gun control? Did you know
that 40 million people in Africa are starving? Just how
badly is overfishing damaging our oceans? How do you
report and avoid email scams?

We know that Teens love sharing their opinions, but
voter turnout for the youngest segment of the voting
population (ages 18-25) has been declining for years!
Encourage a teen you know to get involved NOW so
when the time comes, they'll be ready. Have them
wander through our political cartoons!

With the help of our friends at Cagle Cartoons,
we've posted the latest U.S. and International
political cartoons in our Teens section to create a buzz.
Each cartoon has Student Discussion Questions listed
below it to expand the mind of today's students studying
current events. Cross a great political cartoon with
stimulating topics and resources and you get a super
social studies project courtesy of ClassBrain!

Take me to learn about my leaders...

Fun & Games

Hello! It's summer, in case you haven't noticed, and
ClassBrain is just the place for you to kick off
your vacation with Fun & Games. Stop by for free
online escapades with your all-time favorite Arcade
Games, major Mental Maddness Games (we guarantee
you'll be stumped), Strategy Games, Fantasy Games,
and a Grab Bag of games we couldn't classify. Last one
to the games is totally missing out!

I'm not last!!!

© Copyright 2003 by

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