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Brainwaves Newsletter  

Brainwaves July 2003
By ClassBrain Staff
Jul 25, 2003, 10:31

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ClassBrain, Inc. BRAINWAVES
Educational Resources (July 2003)


~ Brainwaves is the official newsletter of dedicated to bringing you the most
current educational resources available on the web . . .
all in one place! With several thousand pages organized
in an easy-to-follow format, everything you're looking
for is right here! ~

* Movies in the Classroom
* Harry Potter Activities
* CB Teens
* Coming Soon!

It's never too early to start preparing
for the Back-to-School rush! Let ClassBrain help you
take the pain out of this stressful time of year, by
supplying you with pertinent information regarding your
kids and the upcoming school year.

Try one of our Quick Healthy
Breakfasts For Families In A Hurry or let us help
you locate hard-to-find school uniforms. Utilize our
tips including Reading Homework Tips for Parents,
Back-to-School Safety Tips, Child
Transportation Tips, or use the Sprocket Man
comic book to teach your kids about bike

You'll also find Immunization
Checklists & Schedules, Projections for the
Fastest Growing Jobs, and Fire Safety 101 for
Colleges & Universities. There is a School
Safety for Parents & Teachers Checklist, and an
Indoor Air Quality Checklist for Teachers.

To top it all off, we have a group of
resources centered around eating right, including proper
nutrition, Healthy, Thrifty Meals, a Food
Service Checklist, and a guide to The
Importance of Eating Breakfast. If that's not
enough, we have the resources to show you how many
hours of sleep your child needs and a gas guide to help
you save fuel and money. Come on in!

Help me get ready for Back-to-School!

Movies in the Classroom

What's new in Movies in the Classroom? Explore your
genetic make-up with interactive tutorials as part
of the Hulk lesson plan, "The Green-Eyed
Monster." Also a Hulk lesson plan, "The
Inner Beast Will Be Released" will have you
wondering about the other side of your personality.

Showing a movie in your classroom? Stop by
the About Movies in the Classroom section to
obtain permission slips for your students. There are
basic slips, annual movie slips, full-length movie slips,
and one for movie excerpts. While you're there, find
out how the movie rating system works and the
purpose behind the creation of Movies in the Classroom.

Show Me More!

Harry Potter Activities

Since the Harry Potter craze has returned full force,
we've posted tons of activities in conjunction with the
books and movies. Lesson plans such as "Harry
Potter and the Moons of Jupiter" and "The Owls
of Harry Potter" will keep minds busy, and so will
the five acronym activities we've created.

There are also eight different sets of writing prompts,
each with their own theme. What is it really like to
enter Platform 9-3/4? Which wand has chosen you?
What is your magical pet? What would you put inside
your Gringott's vault? How would you handle the
situation if someone treated you the way Draco Malfoy
treats Harry Potter? You decide!

Harry Potter Activities...

email address:

CB Teens

With the help of our friends at Cagle Cartoons,
we've posted the latest U.S. and International
political cartoons in our Teens section to create a buzz.
Each cartoon has Student Discussion Questions listed
below it to expand the mind of today's students studying
current events. Cross a great political cartoon with
stimulating topics and resources and you get a super
social studies project courtesy of ClassBrain!

*New Addition* ClassBrain has just
implemented the use of a cool new tool for studying
longitude and latitude. The great people at Maptech
have allowed us to set up this interactive map that lets
you locate any spot on the planet, find the longitude and
latitude, mark the spot with various icons, and print it
out. Don't be surprised if you notice lesson plans
popping up around the site using this feature!

Click here to visit CB Teens...

Coming Soon!

While the kids are off for the summer,
is cooking up some Back-to-School fun with a new twist
on State Reports. Based on feedback we received from
teachers at the Computer Using Educators (CUE)
Conference we attended in Anaheim, CA during the
month of May, we are in the midst of creating a new set
of resources so instructors won't dread grading the
same old State Reports over and over. Stay Tuned!

*Reminder* Have a burning question? Well . .
. Ask ClassBrain! We've helped hundreds of kids find
resources to answer their homework questions, but this
one's not just for the kids. Our team of researchers has
also provided plenty of parents with answers to their
own inquiries. How do you write a ballad? Which is the
oldest civilization? Will the Voting Rights Act of 1965
expire? What effect does the electromagnetic spectrum
have on living things? Don't know? We do!

Ask ClassBrain...

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© Copyright 2003 by

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