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Brainwaves Newsletter  

Brainwaves 2003
By Sarah Lane
Feb 3, 2003, 11:41

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ClassBrain, Inc. BRAINWAVES
Educational Resources (February 2003)


~ Welcome to the first edition of the
newsletter for 2003! We'd like to thank all of the Parents,
Teachers, and Students who have expressed an interest
in receiving educational tips and resources. We will
continue our quest to bring you the best of what the
web has to offer in educational content and we welcome all
questions and comments. ~


email address:

* Parents & Teachers
* Attention California Students!
* ClassBrain Networthy Award
* ClassBrain Kids
* State Reports

Parents & Teachers
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ has joined the Library of Congress to
bring you the Veteran's Memories Project. This packet
combines Social Studies, History, and English skills with
the exploration and recording of the life of a United
States Veteran. Worksheets include reference sheets
for a recorded interview, biographical data sheets,
release forms, recording logs, and photo logs. To learn
more or to download the PDF, visit ClassBrain's Movies
in the Classroom section and the E-Company Lesson

Find out more....

Attention California Students!
Anyone need free money??

There is less than a week left to get your Cal Grants!
The deadline is March 3, 2003. Don't let millions of
education dollars go to waste... apply today!

Read on...

email address:

ClassBrain Networthy Award
At ClassBrain we take our job of finding the best
resources on the web for students, parents, and
teachers very seriously. When we come across a site
as powerful as, we're obliged to tell you.
This site is a gateway to authoritative selected science
information provided by U.S. government agencies,
including research and development results.

Learn more here...

ClassBrain Kids
How do kids learn how to make breakfast, tie shoes, or
make a funny face? By visiting the visually navigated
'How To' section of ClassBrain's Pre-K and K resources
of course!

Everyone knows that kids learn by having fun so
introduce a young mind to ClassBrain's 1st-3rd Grade
section. Let them solve puzzles, play learning games,
color, or send an e-card to a friend.

In the mood for games? Brainy games, arcade games,
strategy games, and a Grab Bag of unclassifiable games
are all waiting for you to take the challenge at
ClassBrain Games.

Click here to start the fun...

State Reports
Teachers will want to refer their students to the State
Report section of We have everything
they'll need for an A+ paper including historical
information, statistics, famous people, maps, links to
official state sites, photos, symbols, and extra report

Stop by and see what's here...

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