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Brainwaves Newsletter  

Weekly Newsletter - October 4
By Cynthia Kirkeby
Oct 4, 2002, 11:31

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BRAINS> Brainwaves: 360° of Education - October 4, 2002

Parent - Teacher Section
Now there’s an easy way for teachers and parents to find excellent resources for home and school. Explore our suggested books list, worksheets and puzzles, family life essentials, school matters, and the Movies in the Classroom section. Check out recipes, gift ideas, the Safety Section, or stop by ‘Just For Fun’ for a laugh or two.

Country Reports
Do you know someone who is currently researching a country? Refer them to ClassBrain’s Country Report section for fast facts, country profiles, international tourist sites, reference maps, statistics, and more. We have a group of resources for every country in the world, and everything you need for an A+ paper all in one place.

* This Newsletter has been generated by the members of to bring you supplemental tools and educational tips. Here are a few short cuts to specific areas of our site: - Games, games and more games! If you make it through all 35, then try our new ‘Imaginamers’ that create character names for your fantasy stories. - The ClassBrain ‘Movies in the Classroom’ section provides lesson plans that will encourage even the most restless students to pay attention and learn! - In addition to traditional reference materials, introduce your kids to a better way to research the U.S.A. - An important addition to the ClassBrain website, the Freedom Files will help you find answers with current news resources, teaching tools, and recovery suggestions. - Our Country Report section holds facts, reference maps, guides to tourist sites, and detailed profiles for every country in the world! - From pre-K to third grade, we’re all about the kids! Link to our games section or visit the ‘Kids Freedom Files’ for information on 9/11 specifically for the little guys. - This link sends you to our Parent/Teacher section for supplemental teaching tools and articles on Money, Family Life, and School Matters. - Browse these articles for facts on the California Missions. Check back for a gallery of floor plans coming soon! - ClassBrain’s Monthly Grab Bag takes you on a ride through holidays, presidential birthdays, and important current events.

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