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Brainwaves Newsletter  

Brainwaves Newsletter - October 18
By Sarah Lane
Oct 18, 2002, 11:36

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Brainwaves: 360° of Education - October 18, 2002

World Series 2002
In celebration of the 2002 World Series we’ve put together a section for kids to learn the history of the seven game series. We’ve also posted A Tale of Two Leagues, which takes a look at the formation of the National and American Leagues. Test your knowledge by taking our baseball quiz or if you’re a seasoned baseball fan, take the challenging pitcher’s quiz.

History of World Series

A Tale of Two Leagues

Baseball Quiz

Pitcher’s Quiz

Parents and Teachers
Looking for printable worksheets? Well we’ve got them in our Teaching Tools section for parents and teachers. You’ll find worksheets that focus on grouping, language, numbers, sets, tracing, and art. Check out the supplemental worksheets for our Movies in the Classroom section or our recently added homework make up worksheet, book club worksheet, and washing your hands worksheet.




Homework Make Up

* This Newsletter has been generated by the members of to bring you supplemental tools and educational tips. Here are a few short cuts to specific areas of our site: - Games, games and more games! If you make it through all 35, then try our new ‘Imaginamers’ that create character names for your fantasy stories. - The ClassBrain ‘Movies in the Classroom’ section provides lesson plans that will encourage even the most restless students to pay attention and learn! - In addition to traditional reference materials, introduce your kids to a better way to research the U.S.A. - An important addition to the ClassBrain website, the Freedom Files will help you find answers with current news resources, teaching tools, and recovery suggestions. - Our Country Report section holds facts, reference maps, guides to tourist sites, and detailed profiles for every country in the world!

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