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ClassBrain Site Map

Last Updated: Sep 20th, 2010 - 16:50:15


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Click here to buy art prints!

ClassBrain Site Map
ClassBrain Site Map

Not sure where to start at ClassBrain?

Each major section of the site is listed below with an explanation of each area. Scroll down and simply click a banner when you find a section that looks interesting.

The ClassBrain Home Page.

The PreK and Kindergarten section is designed for students who are new to the computer. The main sections are Play Time, How To, and School Time.

The 1st to 3rd Grade Section is for more beginning elementary students. The main sections are Play Time, How To, and School Time.

ASK ClassBrain allows students, parents, and teachers to have the ClassBrain staff help them with questions that have them stumped. Please check our rules, before you send us a question.

Looking for information on a famous person? Then Biographies is the place for you to start.

Country Reports allows you to explore the globe. From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. Click on the letters on the left column to see the countries. Then click on the country for easy access to the available materials.

Defining Documents explores the documents that have had an effect on the United States of America. Here you will find items such as: Congressional Acts, Agreements, Amendments to the Constitution, US Budgets, Patents, Supreme Court Decisions, and more.

What began as a set of resources covering the events of September 11th, has now grown into a massive section devoted to the United States military, the war in Iraq, and a record of our nation’s living history. Visit this section to explore the United States and the War in Iraq.

Freedom Files for Kids deals with most of the same issues as the Freedom Files section, but the information has been tailored for kids.

WooWee! It's time for some fun! We have games, games, and more games for when you need a study break. This is a great reward when you've completed all of your work!

The Mission Report Section is devoted to the California Missions, a rich part of the state's history. In addition to information on the individual missions, there are tips for building models of the missions as well.

The Monuments and Memorials section is devoted to state and national monuments and historical memorials found through the United States. We have numerous written and visual resources, as well as online quizzes available for each state. This is an excellent section to augment your studies on the 50 states.

Movies in the Classroom allows you to use current movies to explore a variety of subjects. There are lesson plans, worksheets, coloring pages, activities, and yes some specialty stores (they keep us up and running) for many of todays films. We also have reviews and permission slips to help you make informed decisions on what to show in your classroom.

State Reports is one of our more popular sections. Here you will find everything and anything related to the 50 States. Choose a state to find the resources for that area. Be sure to check out our posters, books, and music. They make great additions to your state report presentations.

The Teens section is one of the largest sections on ClassBrain. The name is also a bit misleading, because our materials address subjects all the way through college level and graduate courses.
School Matters covers topics such as the Academic Decathlon, Applying to College, Grad School, Mock Trials, Safety, Studying Abroad, and more. Our Mock Trial section has some of the best resources on this activity that you will find anywhere on the web.
Subjects sometimes appears to have everything but the kitchen sink! this is a HUGE section with all sorts of tools, activities, resources, and helpful materials divided by subject.
After Hours has all sorts of fun stuff from Manga, to Gaming to Dating and so much more. Have a look around when you are taking a study break.

The Parent Teacher Section has items just for grown-ups.
Head to the for articles, parentlng pamphlets, news, reviews, and more.
Teaching Tools gives you helpful lists, rubics, sheet music, coloring pages, and more to help your children or students enjoy learning.
Money helps you find information on financial aid, grants, saving for college, and more.
In Family LIfe we bring you the best information we can find to make your everyday run smoother.
School Matters covers associations, college housing, law school, medical school, and all sorts of other helpful materials related to K-12 and college.
The Monthly Grab Bag is the place to go for timely materials with a seasonal theme. Holidays, Black History Month, famous birthdays or anniversaries for famous events, can all be found here. Once again please be sure to visit the specialty shops that we've placed on our site. These help us fund the rest of the materials.

The ClassBrain Corporate Information section has our press release, information about our team, privacy statements, contact information, plugins that you may need to view some of the items on our site, and webfeeds and banners that you can use on your own site to augment your site with our materials or to tell others about our site. We love people that help us promote our materials. :)

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