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Brainwaves Newsletter  

Holiday Forget-Me-Nots - Dec 2004
By ClassBrain Staff
Dec 10, 2004, 10:19

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These holiday "forget-me-nots" are critical for a Merry Christmas! Your friends at ClassBrain have made a list of things to remember to make your gift giving complete. Print this list and take it with you on your shopping trips, and send it to your friends to make their Christmas a merry one as well.

Important Holiday Forget-Me-Nots

Electronic Products: Batteries - When you purchase electronics for someone, remember the batteries. Kids are especially disappointed on Christmas morning if they can't play with their new toys. Don't assume that they'll take the size you have at home. Open the package and insert the batteries ahead of time.

CDs and DVDs: Disks - When you give the gift of a CD or DVD player, be sure to give them a CD or a DVD to go with the player. Getting a cool technology gadget without any way to try it out can be the height of frustration. Everyone wants to plug them in right away and try them out, so make sure that they have something to play.

Family Pets: FasTags® ID Tags - When a new pet joins the family, don't forget to give them a FasTags® ID tag. These shrinkable tags are a quick and fun family project, as well as a great way to instantly protect your dog, cat, or ferret. Don't take the chance of losing your new pet over the holidays, while you wait for a mail-away tag. FasTags® are the Tag You Make at Home® and they're ready to protect your pet in less than 5 minutes.

Computers, Printers and Other Tech Gear: Cables - If you're buying computers, printers, VCR's, camcorders or anything that needs a cable, be sure to pick that up too. Manufacturers are notorious for leaving out essential cables. Be sure that you specifically ask your salesperson which cables are needed to hook the item up to your system.

Cameras: Film & Memory Cards - If you're buying a camera be sure to include a roll of film. If you're giving a digital camera, include an extra memory card. Typically, if the digital camera includes any kind of memory card with the purchase, it tends to be quite small. You'll also want to include batteries or a charger with this gift. After all, it's the holidays and the camera will be put to immediate good use.

Clothing: Gift Receipts - If you're purchasing clothes of any sort for someone, be sure to include a gift receipt with the present, so they can return it for another size or color. Although many stores are nice about holiday returns, trying to make a trade without a receipt can be a most unpleasant experience.

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