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Brainwaves Newsletter  

Easter Issue - April 2006
Apr 22, 2006, 10:09

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Updates in ClassBrain's game section and fun stuff for Easter.

Play Games & Learn Over Spring Break
Spring Break - Easter Update New Games Make Learning Fun
April 2006

Dear Cynthia,

Today's newsletter is just a quick update on ClassBrain's Game section as well as our Easter goodies in our Holiday Monthly Grab Bag. Over spring break, play some great games and learn something new along the way.

in this issue
  • Fun for Easter
  • Major Additions in ClassBrain Games

  • Major Additions in ClassBrain Games

    If you haven't taken a look in our games section, it's time to visit. We just added a ton of new games! Check out our geography games to learn about the 50 US States, as well as European countries or Canadian provinces.

    We've had a lot of requests from kids and parents for interesting ways for kids to practice basic math skills, so I've installed some great new games to do just that. Check out:

    We've also installed a great that can be played online or printed out and taken with you.

    In our
    Mental Madness section, be sure to check out Iso Infected Maze Game and Planarity - Knot Puzzle, both of which will make you crazy!

    Our Fantasy section has five new games to keep you entertained on your study breaks. My favorite is the Pharaoh's Tomb Game.

    We've also added a bunch of new games to our Arcade section, our Strategy section and our Grab Bag section.

    Have a blast during your Spring Break, and learn a little something along the way. From all of us at ClassBrain... Happy Easter!

    Fun for Easter

    Since Easter is right around the corner be sure to check out ClassBrain's Easter section. We have coloring and activity pages to print and color. There is an online Easter Bunny Game where you have to collect all the Easter eggs in your basket to score points. Then if you'd like to learn about Ukrainian Easter Eggs, check out the Art of the Egg.

    If you have a techie in your household, show them the article on software Easter Eggs. These are little hidden programs that you can find in software, DVDs, and more. Some of them are really cool!

    There are all sorts of cool things in our Easter section. If you need to send a basket of flowers or chocolates to your family or friends in another state, please take a look at the ones that are available on ClassBrain. I work very hard to pick out great vendors with really wonderful products. For Easter, we have flowers, chocolates, plants, and some of the cutest stuffed bunnies you'll find anywhere.

    Have a great Easter and look around the section on this holiday. There's even more available for your education and enjoyment.

    ClassBrain's Holiday Grab Bag - Easter Section
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