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Brainwaves Newsletter  

Math, Math, and More Math
By Cynthia Kirkeby
Sep 13, 2006, 10:03

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Learn about our new math games and interactive learning programs in our September 2006 Newsletter.

Math Help from ClassBrain, Inc.
ClassBrain, Inc. Newsletter Math, Math, and More Math
September 2006

Dear Cynthia,

Now that summer is over and school is beginning, some classes are starting off at a quick pace. Don't let yourself get behind. It's especially important to understand the concepts they give you at the beginning of your first semester, because those concepts will be the building blocks for the rest of the year. Here are a few ways to keep on top of your math classes.

in this issue
  • A Variety of Math Help Available at ClassBrain
  • New Math Games Section
  • Interactive Online Math Tutors
  • Math Worksheets
  • Custom Graph Paper Generator

  • New Math Games Section

    Everyone seems to love the math games we have at ClassBrain. Over the summer we added some great new ones and we started to run out of room in our Brainy Games section, so today we've launched our new Math Game section. They're easy to find, and they will keep you on your toes. What a great way to practice your math!

    We have basic Math Flash Cards which let you practice addition, subtraction, or multiplication at various difficulty levels. ArithmAttack is similar, but the game is set up as a math drill, and it includes division.

    Games like Numbers, Multiplication Station, Subtraction Action, and Da Numba are a blast. They are games in the true sense, and are so much fun that you almost forget that you're learning something. They tend to be very addictive little games. Parents: You probably won't have trouble getting your kids to practice this sort of homework.

    We'd also like to thank Becky Kinney of for the new math flash games for younger kids including Regrouping, Collecting Tens, and Complements of Ten. These games help kids learn about place value by allowing them to combine dots into groups of ten and dragging them to add them together. You can drag numbers together to add them, drag individual dots off to add them, or combine sets of ten together. These fascinating little exercises let kids practice rather hard-to- explain concepts. Even adults will find these exercises fascinating to do.

    Finally, don't miss our Sudoku game. There are 25 different levels to choose from, which should keep your local math whiz busy for at least a little while.

    Have fun with the new Math Games section. It's a great way to exercise your brain, whether you're a kid or an adult.

    Interactive Online Math Tutors

    Do you need help with math? We have added some of the coolest math lessons we've ever seen with the help of Nutshell Math! So far, I've primarily put up the low bandwidth lessons, but I'll be putting up the rest of the broadband versions soon. There are lessons available for Algebra 1 and 2, and very soon there will be additional ones available for Pre-Algebra.

    If you haven't taken a look at these, please do. They are like having your very own teacher in your computer. You can play the lessons straight through, or pause them while you catch up with what the teacher is explaining. Take them at your pace, and watch they as often as you need.

    If you find these helpful, which I think you will, please consider signing up for a trial subscription. Your students can choose the math book they are using in their class at school, and the program will align itself to their textbook. Wow! It doesn't get much better than that! I wish I had this available when I was in high school!

    Math Worksheets

    If you are looking for some math worksheets, we have some worksheets for various levels in the Worksheets section of Teaching Tools. Some of them are available under Set Worksheets, Math Worksheets, and others. Some of these are great for preschool students.

    Custom Graph Paper Generator

    It seems as though everytime you need a piece of graph paper and you can't find one, it's late at night. Having been through this a number of times ourselves, we decided to solve the problem by allowing you to create graph paper to your specifications, and print it out in the comfort of your home. This Custom Graph Paper Generator lets you do just that.

    So relax! You won't ever run out of graph paper again.

    Note: A second version of this graph paper generator is available in the Parent Teacher Teaching Tools section.

    A Variety of Math Help Available at ClassBrain

    Math seems to be something that challenges a lot of students at many different levels. Over the summer, I searched out math games, interactive math lessons, worksheets and more to help. This issue will introduce you to some of the fun and helpful math materials available at your fingertips at ClassBrain. Hopefully this will make the coming school year easier for students, teachers, and parents alike.

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