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Enjoy The 4th Of July With Patriotic Learning Materials
By Cynthia Kirkeby & Lili Ungar
Apr 11, 2003, 18:12


April 11, 2003

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ENJOY THE 4th OF JULY WITH PATRIOTIC LEARNING MATERIALS Prepares Materials On How To Celebrate Our Country

During a year in which democracy and independence, both in the United States and abroad, is on the front pages of every newspaper, teachers, parents, and students may be looking for a fresh approach to understanding and appreciating the upcoming 4th of July holiday., an ever-expanding and entertaining educational resource site found on line, provides enjoyable ways of exploring an array of topics tied in with the summer’s day of celebration.

ClassBrain provides clear and thorough information on topics such as the Declaration of Independence, the Statue of Liberty, the American Flag, and the Constitution. It also offers activities that are certain to entertain as much as they educate. Word searches, puzzles, cooking activities and crafts projects are just a few of the many creative learning projects available. ClassBrain ties together numerous subjects, such as history, geography, literature, and the arts, as they all provide a deeper grasp of the holiday’s significance.

For those looking for even more reasons to celebrate this summer, Classbrain also includes activities highlighting July’s role as National Blueberry and National Baked Beans month. The site’s users can gain a new appreciation for the foods while preparing one of many recipes made available on the website. Individuals seeking insight into today’s popular technology can check out the story behind the first official TV broadcast which took place on July 1st, 1941. The basic rules of etiquette for using a cell phone are likewise featured, as July is “National Cell Phone Courtesy Month”.

Showcasing a wide range of fun and engaging activities, based upon events and inventions both past and present, turns summer into an adventure in history and fun.


We invite you to visit for a first-hand understanding of the site.

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