THE Journal - October 2002
By THE Journal
May 14, 2003, 20:05

October 2002 - EduNet is an educational resource site that provides students, teachers and parents with quick, user-friendly access to creative, age-appropriate information and educational tools. The site contains thousands of links to knowledge banks, such as The Library of Congress, NASA and the CIA. The site is free, though it offers a $34 annual membership that gives subscribers access to specialized content, including projects, forums, worksheets, photo galleries and more. features sections tailored for parents, teachers and students grouped by grade. Visitors can access a "Monthly Grab Bag" with stories and links related to the month, a store, games, and a "Freedom Files" section dedicated to September 11. The site also offers a state and country reports section (, which offers resources such as maps, statistics, history and more, to help students with their reports.

In addition, a new section called "Movies in the Classroom" was recently launched to help K-12 instructors and college professors who are interested in incorporating films into their classroom curriculum. The site creator is planning to designate this section as a central repository for classroom materials related to films and the movie industry., Santa Ana, CA, (714) 558-8855,

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