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Brainwaves October 2003
By ClassBrain Staff
Oct 12, 2003, 10:30


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Educational Resources (October 2003)


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* October in the Monthly Grab Bag
* Happy Halloween
* Coming Soon!
* Ask ClassBrain!

October in the Monthly Grab Bag

Days are shorter, leaves are changing,
and baseball season is rounding third . . . it must be
Autumn! Celebrate Fall by printing out some of our
coloring and activity pages or learn about the history
of the World Series. For devoted fans, we have a
baseball and a pitcher's quiz, and "A Tale of Two Leagues,"
which explains how the National and American Leagues
came to be.

Discover the history of and the tradition
of fasting on Ramadan with articles and learning links.
Math Literacy Week is from October 6-10, 2003, and
CB Members can print out more than 40 different
worksheets for geometry, algebra, operations, percents,
fractions, and much more!

Did you know that our 34th President, Dwight D. Eisenhower,
was born on October 14th? Take a tour of his home,
which has been delightfully preserved since the 1960's
and has been officially designated a national historic
site. There's no ho-hum when you celebrate Autumn at

Celebrate Autumn

Happy Halloween

If you're familiar with our site, then you know the
ClassBrian staff's favorite holiday is Halloween! Every
year we have a pumpkin carving party and we post our
pumpkins online. You can see our designs from 2001
and 2002 in our Halloween section. Roll over the pumpkins
to see what they look like in the dark!

To make your Halloween easier this year, we've
reviewed a bunch of carving kits and accessories so
you'll know which ones are best for your little pumpkins.
We've also included step-by-step directions for carving
the ultimate pumpkin, complete with photos.

Print out Halloween coloring pages, games,
puzzles, and projects or check out our Halloween Safety
Tips for parents and kids. Read some scary stories and
find out where the most haunted places in America are in
Creepy Corner.

Announcing The 2nd Annual ClassBrain Spooky
Story Contest!
Beginning October 6, 2003 we will
be accepting entries for our Spooky Story Contest. The
top three writers of the best spooky stories will receive
a pumpkin carving kit and a free one-year membership
to The deadline for entering is
October 24, 2003. The winners will be contacted on
Monday, October 27, 2003, and prizes will be sent Fed
Ex that day. The guidelines are simple: write a 1-3
page spooky story and either email it to us or send it by
fax. Send all email entries to
We will email you back at the address you sent the
story from if you win. If you would prefer to fax us
your entry, send it to (714) 399-1147 and include your
name and phone number so we can contact you if you
win. Good luck and have a safe and fun Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Coming Soon!

We've been working hard all summer to finish our brand
new report sections. You probably already know about
our, Country Reports, Mission Reports, and Freedom
Files sections, but there's more on the way! We've
almost completed our "Biography" and "Monuments and
Memorials" sections and just like the rest of our report
sections, these are chock-full of excellent resources for
students, parents, and teachers. Stay tuned!

Ask ClassBrain!

*Reminder* Have a burning question? Well . .
. Ask ClassBrain! We've helped hundreds of kids find
resources to answer their homework questions, but this
one's not just for kids. Our team of researchers has also
provided plenty of parents with answers to their own
inquiries. How do you write a ballad? Which is the oldest
civilization? Will the Voting Rights Act of 1965 expire?
What effect does the electromagnetic spectrum have on
living things? You don't know? We do!

Ask ClassBrain...

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